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Interview Primer

Understand the bigger picture of interviewing with practical reflections to help students construct an authentic message during interviews.

12 Questions for Professional Reflection

What are the key professional and leadership questions? 12 Question to reflect on related to professional identity.

Mission Statement Builder

Why are you in medical school? Do you have a statement that represents the purpose of your career in medicine? This tool will help you develop that statement.

Leadership & Career

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Please click on the links to the right to download tools and resources associated with the Purpose and Leadership domain of the model as well as other helpful career resources.

Leadership & Professional Identity Tools


Career Tools



What kind of doctor will I be?

Download tools and resources associated with the Self domain of the model.

VALUES – What matters most to me?


STRENGTHSWhat are my strengths?

  • StrengthsFinder (companion tool) – help you process your StrengthsFinder results
  • Superpowers (coming soon)


SELF-AWARENESSHow do others see me and I see myself?


How will I show up for others?

Download tools and resources associated with the Team domain of the model.

NETWORK – Who do I need to know?

  • Network Inventory – defines the categories of people you should have in your network
  • The Five People – are the people closest to you lifting you up or bringing you down? 


RELATIONSHIPHow do I connect with others?

  • Networking Primer – how do you to the “networking” thing?
  • Cultivating Mentors (Coming Soon)


COMMUNICATIONHow do I communicate with influence?


How will I contribute?

Download tools and resources below associated with the System domain of the model.

MISSION – What am I committed to that is greater than myself?


VISIONHow will I define success?


PROCESSWhat is my next step?

Other Resources


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