Finding your meaning and purpose in your career in medicine.

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Pain Points
Medical school is less like one experience and more like four separate experiences. Studying for basic science is very distinct from clerkships. Each experience has its challenges and “pains”.
Purpose & Leadership
There’s a whole “other curriculum” around meaning, purpose, and leadership that medical schools generally ignore. We think medical school is the critical time to cultivate one’s meaning and purpose to leverage one’s talents to create a unique vision of oneself as a doctor.
This section contains useful tools to help medical students create a meaningful experience for themselves while in medical school. How do I create a schedule for myself? How do I create a mission statement? How do I network to develop mentors? How do I interview?
There’s a large community of doctors, educators, and students who care about the development of physician leaders. Engage in the conversation. Develop ties to this community.

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A Primer on Professional Networking

FEBRUARY 23, 2023