12 Questions for Professional Reflection


What does it mean to know your professional identity? What is your professional purpose? What is your vision of being a great doctor? For you to know yourself, you must reflect on some key questions. You need to understand your own unique path of contribution and service to patients, society, and the profession as a whole. In the tool below are 12 critical questions that every professional should reflect on and have answers to. Take a little time each week to reflect upon one of these questions.

This tool is useful for: General Professional Use, It is best to start early and continue to refine throughout medical school and throughout one’s career.

12 Questions for Professional Reflection – Reflect on the 12 questions. Return to them on a regular basis and update it. Make it a living document that guides your meaning and purpose.

Two formats of the document below:

Professional Reflection (PDF Format)

Download a pdf form for your personal use.

Professional Reflection (Online Form)

Type your reflection answers into an online form and receive your reflections in pdf form.