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To properly prepare for interviews involves more than just tips and tricks, or reviewing as many questions as you can get your hands on… While most people prepare for interviews in this way, it is not the most effective way to prepare (at least it is not sufficient). As a result of this type of preparation, most students lack authenticity and genuine confidence, which to interviewers, makes the candidate seem “generic.” The tool below is meant to give students the bigger picture of interviewing and it has practical exercises and reflections to help students construct an authentic message during interviews. You need to be yourself, but make sure to be the best version of yourself.

This tool is useful for: MS4s who are preparing for their upcoming residency interviews

Downloadable Resource(s)

For more in-depth guidance on constructing a personal/professional narrative, use the storyboarding tool.

This takes about 15 minutes to read and can help you think about the elements you need to prepare for your upcoming interview.