Habits and Routines


Building a foundation for excellence and success requires a consistent expenditure of effort over time. You can’t just put in effort some of the time! If you want to build your body, that requires many hours of diet and exercise. If you want to become a world-class expert on a subject, that requires a disciplined process of learning and practice. This consistent effort is not based on willpower, but it is sustained through habits and routines. (Think about the roller coaster effect of ‘dieting,’ which is an application of willpower which is unsustainable, versus a smaller but more permanent change in lifestyle.) Routines and habits are built on repeated events which occur daily or weekly. This tool is to help you think about the habits and routines you want to build into your life.

This tool is useful for: General Professional Use for those who are looking to plan and implement habits for personal and professional growth

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This tool takes about 15 to 30 minutes to help define your daily and weekly habits/routines.